We offer batting cages for both baseball and softball. They are perfect for family fun and for practicing for league competitions. Don't worry if you don't have your own gear! We provide bats and helmets free of charge. Our cages offer the following ranges of speed so you can practice everything from slow pitch softball to lightning fast baseball:

Slow - 30 to 35 mph
Medium - 40 to 45 mph
Fast - 50 to 55 mph

Coaches of baseball and softball teams can also reserve our batting cages, allowing your players to get in all the practice they need before their big game! Please contact us if you are interested in reserving a cage. 

Here are some pictures of our batting cages:


1 token = 15 pitches

1 Token – $1.50
4 Token – $5.00
10 Token – $10.00
24 Token – $20.00
80 Token – $60.00 

*Ask about our current specials

Cage Rental:

1 hour -- $35
1/2 hour -- $25